Taking the Fuss out of Mealtimes

As seen on TV!  Channel 4 Buy It Now 2018

Dinnerware that safely and effectively takes the fuss
out of mealtimes, whether at home or out and about.
Created for mums, by a mum.

Specialists in designing innovative
baby and toddler suction plates.
Make weaning easier with EasyTots.

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to make mealtimes easier

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Choose The Right Suction Plate For You

Best ‘Transition to Table’ Suction Plate

Full Size Placemat with integrated happy face plate. 4 very strong suction cups.Comes with matching soft weaning spoon.

  • Best For Table Eating
  • Suitable from 6 months to age 4
  • Not suitable for unfinished wood surfaces
  • Will also fit some larger high chair trays

Best for High Chairs and portable for travel

Universal fit small placemat with integrated happy face plate for high chair use. With 4 suction cups, folding sides, lid and carry case

  • Best for High Chair feeding
  • Best for travel / Eating out
  • Not suitable for unfinished wood surfaces
  • Suitable age 6 months to age 2 1/2

Bespoke Perfect Fit Design for Ikea Antilop High Chair

Full Size Placemat made to ‘perfectly fit’ the popular ikea antilop high chair tray. Best for whole tray coverage, and most difficult for children to remove.

  • Best for customers with Ikea High
  • Can also be used on table surfaces
  • Suitable age 6 months to age 4

Hi, I’m Helen! I’m a working mum and am blessed
to share my life with two full of beans girls.

My youngest daughter Keira born in 2015 is a true ‘messy eater’.
From age 7 months whatever food was in front of her
you could guarantee would be on the floor within 30 seconds!
Although it was a game to her, I often resorted to taking over
and feeding her myself, keeping the bowl/plate far from her.

This however went against my gut feeling.
I wanted to encourage her to learn and enjoy her mealtimes
independently and I had to find a solution.

This was the birth of EasyMat in 2016.


– Helen

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