10 Top Tips For Weaning From Real Mums

Weaning can be what seems like a daunting task! So many places that have so many different sets of information, making it hard to know where to look for the best. We always suggest talking to your health advisor or doctor if you have any major concerns and having a look at the NHS website for their safe weaning guide for the most up to date advice. 

Sometimes though, all you need is a little reassurance and some tips from other parents that have been through it all. That is what we have put together for you right here!

Lauren Lawson @parker_and_mama

Don’t compare! I’ve received quite a few emails from worried mums who are concerned that their baby isn’t eating as much as Parker or other babies they see on Instagram. Parker started really slowly then became a great eater. Don’t compare, relax and go at your baby’s speed – they will guide you and you’re doing a great job ❤️

Sheridan Holder @twin_life_2019

It’s ok if your child doesnt like a certain food to start with, just keep offering it to them. Its taken 6 months for my 16 month olds to eat avocados! Now they love it.

Alysha Whitehouse @pipersjourney

Even though we’ve been on an allergy journey from the start, we still try to do this. Our best advice would be to offer your child as close to what your having to eat as possible. If your having Bolognese, blitz it all up for them to try.

Anika Shah @ani_cooks

Take things slowly and at babies pace. It’s so easy to think they should be eating a certain amount but bubs know best! Let them explore tastes and texture and don’t get caught up in how much they have actually eaten! Food is for fun until 1 ! 🙂

Suzanne Clarke @joshuas_fun_with_blw

Be confident with your choice in weaning whether BLW, TW or both. Take your time and be patient, each baby takes to weaning in their own time. Enjoy trying different foods with your baby. When starting out keep it nice and simple.

Becky Massey @munchieswithmama

Embrace the mess, just go with what baby wants and try not to get to stressed if they don’t eat something or spit it out (which will definitely happen) but that’s okay.

Sian Wilkie @mrsbslens

Take it slow! And Don’t Get Stressed! It can take a good few weeks for your little one to even pay any interest in the food. A firm favourite in our early stages of weaning was a smoothie and you can tick of some allergic foods by adding them in oats/nuts seeds etc

Lauren Linden @laurenlinden7

Use a weaning chart.. write down foods you want your baby to try and then write down whether they liked it or not to keep track 🙂

Amy Evans @easy.wean

Try not to compare your little one to any one else. Our babies are their own people, and will explore food in their own way and at their own speed. Just ensure you watch out for their ques and ride the wave with them as you both embark on journey together! Offer them an array of foods, and don’t shy from spices and herbs! Have fun as they learn the foods around them, and know that touching, poking, flinging, squishing, throwing food is all apart of their learning journey! Also, get a freezer stash going! Batch cook a couple of meals, freeze the rest and you have a freezer full of hearty meals to lean back on incase you don’t fancy cooking one day! x

Samantha Wolohan @growingwithevie

Understanding the difference between gagging and choking is so helpful. Gagging is the body’s defence mechanism against choking so should be viewed as a good thing!

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