7 Signs Your Baby is Ready for Solid Foods

Most babies are ready to start eating solid foods around 6 months old, but how can you be sure that your little one is ready?

Each child varies and different babies are developmentally ready for solids at different times.

If you are wondering whether your baby/toddler is ready for solid foods, there are a number of signs you can look out for but remember it’s just as important to listen to what your baby’s behaviour is telling you.

Here are the top 7 signs that your child is ready to eat solid food:

1. Head control – Good head control is essential for chewing and swallowing solid foods. If your baby’s head is looking a lot less wobbly, they may be ready to sit in the highchair and try some soft, solid foods.

2. Can sit up well when supported – This means your baby is able to sit in a highchair, positioned well for eating and digestion.

3. Imitating eating behaviours – Pay attention to your baby’s behaviour and gestures. If they are mimicking your actions when you are eating, it may be a sign they are practising for the real deal!

4. Increased appetite – An increase in appetite and more of an interest in food are both great signs that your baby is developing.

5. Loss of tongue reflex – Tongue reflex helps your baby when feeding on the breast or the bottle, and usually disappears around 4-6 months. If your child is not automatically pushing food out their mouth with their tongue, they may be ready to try solids.

6. Good coordination – Good hand-eye coordination means that your baby is on their way to picking up food and putting it in their mouth.

7. Grabbing food – Another sign your baby is ready for solids is that they can grab objects or food. This may be with their whole hand, or they’re working on their “pincer grasp”(between thumb and forefinger).

Bear in mind to be patient and take things slow when introducing your baby to solid foods. These things take time and your baby may take a while to get used to eating solid foods, but persevere! Your baby will soon have favourites they are always wanting at meal times!

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