About Easytots

EasyTots is a business founded by Helen Davies, mum of two full of beans girls.

EasyTots only focus is to make innovative design feeding solutions to help with mealtimes right from the very start all the way through to age 4. The growing and award-winning range includes;  The signature EasyMat suction tray range, suction bowls, weaning cutlery and bibs. Functional practicality in design, is at the heart of every product!  EasyTots aims to give parents the tools to enable their little ones to enjoy a positive developmental experience throughout their weaning journey. Encouraging independent self-feeding with less mess.

Our Weaning Mission

“To help babies and toddlers master the skills of self-feeding with less mess”.

The Entrepreneur Mum

Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable to Helen that she would be heading her own brand of baby products. In fact from Helen’s late 20’s she was already running her own business, a successful business in commercial window cleaning.  The service industry, managing teams and many high profile contracts taught Helen the foundations of being a good business owner. Helen’s most important motto is to work with honesty and integrity. To have respect for your team, your customers and other companies within your niche. 

In a leap of faith once Helen fell in love with her baby product idea she took the brave risk of leaving her established 13 year old business. Helen knew that without her undivided attention EasyTots would not reach its potential.

“I owe the invention of our range to my youngest daughter Keira.  Back in 2015, when the time came for her to start eating solids, I came across a very common problem that most parents encounter at some stage of weaning; thrown and tipped bowls! Like many babies Keira was more interested in this game than eating. I decided to find a way to stop whole meals ending up on the floor, something that really worked (very important), something that allowed exploration of food but would stay stuck down! So I set off on a self-funded mission, without any prior knowledge about the products industry to make my vision into a reality.  Less than one year later we had our first product, The EasyMat Original,  to market in the UK. That was the birth of EasyTots. I’m so thankful I took the plunge, as we have since developed into a growing range of UK best-selling baby and toddler feeding products and secured distributor deals all over the world”

Helen Davies



5 years on, and the brand is a household recognised name in the UK and growing across 25 global marketplaces already

Helen’s entrepreneurial achievements were recognised by the prestigious ‘Rising Star’ Awards in 2018. Winning Best Female Entrepreneur in the We are The City Awards. A platform that celebrates the success of women in their professional careers or businesses. Helen was voted as one of the Top Females in the UK in the Entrepreneurs category.

Later that same year EasyTots became the first-ever online retailer to win ‘Retailer Of the Year’ in the Merseyside Business Awards. 

Why Choose EasyTots?

Weaning is a messy time and EasyTots products can help to reduce the mess without impacting on your babies’ desire to explore food. We love to help little ones learn to embrace the taste touch and smell of food but without whole meals ending up on the floor.

Tipped and thrown bowls and plates are an all too common problem for almost all parents once the weaning journey begins, This problem is now easy to solve! EasyMat suction plates are strong enough to withstand pulling and actually encourages babies to concentrate more on their meals than playing with their dishes.

Taking babies out for meals or days out can be a real stressful mission when it comes to mealtimes, especially if you are baby-led weaning. The EasyMat mini solves the problem.  Pre-pack food before you go out or simply take it along with you so that food can be served on to the mat. Helps to ensure your baby is easting from a hygienic surface, no more worries about dirty highchairs! Plus no more worries about breaking plates or causing a huge mess.  A must-have item for taking everywhere you go!

Why are we Different?

  • The only dual-purpose plate that can be used for meals on the go and for everyday feeding. A lunch box and plate in one
  • EasyMat Mini has a unique patented design with folding sides to make it compact, a sealed lid to transport food and a handy carry case.
  • All EasyMats have 4 inbuilt strong suckers mean that meals stay put.
  • Highest food grade BPA free silicone to LFGB EU standards
  • Best mats for helping with independent self-feeding with less mess.
  • Oven safe! Yes you can bake directly in them and serve once cooled, saving time and dishes
  • Super Easy to clean, Polished silicone finish means foods do not stick making clean up a doddle
  • Stain-resistant! Our polished silicone is sealed so that it can not absorb even the most likely culprits such as Bolognese
  • We care! All EasyTots unsellable items are sent to local food banks for distributing to families in need.
100% silicone

100% Silicone

Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher Safe

BPA, BPS, PVS & Phthalate Free

BPA, BPS, PVS & Phthalate Free

Does not Harbour Bacteria

Does not Harbour Bacteria



Does not Harbour Bacteria

Promotes Self-Feeding