When you have little ones, mealtimes can be a real struggle.

Whether your toddler has decided not to eat, or just loves throwing their lovely home cooked dinner on the floor, it can be a frustrating task for any parent.

Most toddlers love playing with their food and while this can be great for their development, it can leave you with a messy mess to clean up after them. Like most toddler behaviour, this will pass but in the meantime, here are some top tips to help you win the ‘food fight’…

  1. Limit time sat at the table –
  2. Don’t have your little one sat in the high chair for too long, as they will soon become restless and start throwing their food around. Make sure their meal is ready to go when you sit them down and clear it away as soon as they’re done.

  3.  Make mealtimes fun!
  4. Use games and fun distraction techniques to help get the food in your little one’s mouth. We all know the aeroplane spoon is the oldest trick in the book but trust us – it really does work!

  5. Avoid certain foods –
  6. If your toddler loves nothing more than flinging spoons of yoghurt around the room, then remove it from the menu for a while. Try serving small portions in front of them at a time. Finger foods are great for babies learning how to feed themselves. Why not try some of these yummy recipes…

  7. Use the right equipment –
  8. Designed by parents, the EasyMat by Easy Tots is the perfect tool to help with a messy baby. Created to be as simple but effective as possible, the EasyMat has an integrated plate and placemat to encourage independent feeding and minimise mess. The EasyMat fits on most highchairs and tables, and suction pads mean that your little one cant pick it up, throw it or drop it no matter how hard they try! Even Dad will enjoy lunchtime with your little one!

  9. Stay calm –
  10. Our final tip is to stay calm and don’t lose your cool. Dealing with a toddler that likes to throw food around can be stressful and frustrating. You may feel like nothing is going to work, but stick with it and issue firm warnings. If they continue to act up it may be time to end the mealtime.

Good luck and be sure to let us know your tips for a mess free mealtime!

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