Intellectual Property & Safety Standards

Safety Standards & Quality

Our products comply with EU international testing standard
EasyTots is committed to producing the safest and highest quality dinnerware possible.

BS EN 14372:2004

All EasyTots products and packaging comply with BS EN 14372:2004 safety requirements – the most rigorous European safety standard for infant’s cutlery and feeding utensils. Our products have been tested for physical safety and chemical migration.

We use an accredited independent laboratory to thoroughly test our products. This includes the construction, performance, packaging and labelling of EasyTots products and have certified them to be safe for use by children of up to 36 months of age. The laboratory checks that there are no sharp elements to the product, that there are not parts which could snap off and cause harm and that the material they’re made from is safe and does not contain any harmful substances. They also check that our packaging informs our customers on how to use and care for our product in a safe and responsible way.

Silicone Standards:

EasyTots does not cut corners with the quality of the silicone we use in our EasyMat products. EasyTots silicone is tested to LFGB EU standards. LFGB silicone is the highest quality silicone available on the market, with more rigorous testing standards applied than standard FDA grade silicone. EU standards are one of the highest across the globe and all companies selling silicone products should conform to this standard. So watch out for products that only state they are FDA approved, this standard is acceptable in the USA but not in the EU.

BPA Free Dinnerware Silicone and plastics are guaranteed to be 100% free of the chemical Bisphenol-A. Various scientific institutions, as well as the British Government, are currently studying the following effects of Bisphenol A on humans: Early onset of puberty, Increased instances of childhood hyperactivity, Learning disorders and impaired mental development , Declining sperm counts and semen quality, Climbing rates of breast cancer , Deformities of male and female reproductive organs . More and more scientific literature is showing that Bisphenol A, “a known endocrine disruptor” according to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) can have a potentially dangerous affect on our children’s lives.

EasyTots Intellectual Property

Product Patent and Design Registration Protection

The design of EasyTots’ silicone suction plates and tableware (EasyMat® products) has been registered as an EU Community Design and a USA design patent by Status Products Ltd :

These registrations include the appearance, physical shape, configuration (i.e. how different parts of the design are arranged together) and decoration of the trademarked products.

These designs, which are the intellectual property of Status Products Ltd, include suction cups and – in the case of the EasyMat Mini® – folding sides and a protective lid.

Our design patent numbers are listed below:

EUIPO Registered Community Design No; 003504208
United States Patent and Trademark Office No; 26/606,530

Brand Copyright and Trademarks

The company owns the sole rights to the following trademarks;

EasyTots® UIPO registration No; 017075284 (EU)

EasyMat® UIPO registration No; 015457682 (EU)

EasyMat® WIPO registration No; 1,393,900 (UN 15 Countries)

EasyMat® Unites States Patent and Trademark Office No; 5,270,859 (USA)

EasyPets® UIPO registration No; 017080201 (EU)

ADVISORY: Status Products Ltd has the legal rights to commence legal proceedings for any trademark infringement to prevent the unauthorised use of these registered trademarks. Status Products Ltd also reserves the right commence legal proceedings against any unauthorised re-production or replication of the design of our products.