Your hungry little one is ready for baby led weaning but what supplies do you need to get started?

Luckily you won’t need much, but here is our guide to a few essentials you may want to consider…

1. EasyMat – Created by a mum, for mums, the EasyMat is the perfect tool to begin baby led weaning. Our integrated plate and placemat encourages the independent feeding needed for BLW. The easy suction pads in each corner mean that your child can’t pick it up, throw it or drop it off their high chair which means less mess at mealtimes! The EasyMat fits on most tables and highchairs, or you can opt for the portable EasyMat Mini for weaning on the go.

2. High chair – This one is a must! A high chair allows you to take control of mealtimes without having to balance your baby on your lap and try to feed them at the same time.

When choosing the perfect high chair, consider the following things…

  • Baby led weaning is messy so it must be easy to clean!
  • Choose a chair with an adaptable tray so you can choose the right height and reach for your baby. A well positioned tray prevents food getting all over the floor while your baby develops their hand eye coordination.
  • If you’re tight on space, go for a highchair that can be folded up and stored away – with little ones crawling around you’ll be happy to save the room!

When you’ve chosen the perfect highchair, your EasyMat Mini is the perfect addition to any tray for mess free mealtimes.

3. Spoon – Although your baby will be moving on to more solid foods, it is still a good idea to have some good quality spoons to load up with food. Our range of award winning soft silicone spoons are perfect for those messy meals including chunky soup, pasta, sauces and yoghurts.

4. Bibs – Don’t underestimate the mess that your little one can make when they are able to feed themselves! When moving onto solid foods, invest in some easy to clean bibs that can be washed or wiped. Long sleeved bibs are a great idea to minimise mess – choose a comfortable material that covers your babies wrists and neck.

Scoop bibs are also handy, as your baby will tend to drop food before it reaches their mouth. Don’t worry – as they get older and their motor skills develop they will be less messy!

We understand that baby led weaning can be stressful for parents and at times, very messy! Rest assured that this is completely normal, as your baby is exploring all of the different foods they are trying. To make BLW easier and cleaner, check out our range of products designed for parents just like you.

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