EasyTots designs worlds’ first ‘perfect fit’ EasyMat for the UK’s favourite highchair……

We love our customers and we want to give you the products that will make the weaning journey as easy, enjoyable and colourful as possible for you and your little ones. Earlier this year, we launched a whole new range of gorgeous pastel coloured EasyMats in both the large and mini sizes. However, this was not the end! Behind the scenes, we have been working on a product to make your lives even easier: a new mat. If you’ve ever asked what highchair is best, we’d be willing to bet money on the fact that you’ve probably been told (at least several times!) that the IKEA Antilop highchair is brilliant. And it is. There’s no denying that its simple design makes it incredibly easy to clean and it isn’t as bulky as other models. When planning what products to create for you this year, one product stood out as being obvious: a mat that would fit perfectly into the IKEA highchair tray. So many of our customers have asked whether our mats fit onto this highchair tray and they do…but not perfectly. The large mat extends over the edges and the mini tray fits, but is a smaller size for little ones as they grow. We therefore wanted to create a mat that would fit perfectly in the highchair that seems to be the most popular amongst our parents. So, this month, we are excited to launch just that: our new IKEA-compatible EasyMat! If you don’t yet have one of our EasyMats, you may wonder what’s so good about them. I’ve collated just some of the reasons our customers love our mats below for you:

  • We have incorporated strong suction pads to secure the mat to a surface to avoid your little one from throwing or tipping bowls and plates.
  • The mat has a sectioned design allowing you to keep food separate to explore in their own time, meaning that any bread, for example, won’t go soggy from being next to a tasty pasta sauce!
  • The sections are divided by high walls, making it easy for your little one to learn to scoop a spoon against them without chasing the food around a plate with a shallow rim.
  • The high walls also mean that the mats can double-up as bowl or plate, allowing you to serve yoghurt, sandwiches or anything else you choose!
  • Our wide range of colours make them attractive to little ones and help them focus on what’s in front of them. Several of our customers have commented that they introduced the mats when their little one started throwing plates or bowls, or indeed the food in front of them! They said that the mats seemed to help redirect the focus onto the food and reduced the amount of throwing. Whilst we can’t guarantee that our mats will magically reduce throwing, it’s certainly worth a try!

Our new IKEA-compatible mats will come in 3 gorgeous pastel colours and are available to purchase now for just £15.85.

If you’d like to get yours now, just click on the link below or visit Amazon JC2PFH7V https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BQ5HK8L?th=1

As the summer draws to a close and the time of picnics begins to fade, make sure you have everything you need for your little one’s weaning toolkit. See below for our handy equipment list:

  • Highchair (the IKEA Antilop is highly recommended by many of our customers).
  • EasyMat to fit whichever highchair you use. These are now available in three different sizes. Please see our online guide to find the perfect mat for you.
  • EasyTots Cutlery
  • EasyMat Mini (this is an ideal mat universal fit for highchairs and perfect for taking out and about as it comes with a handy lid and pouch for transporting food).
  • Coverall bib to keep your little one as clean as possible.
  • Floor mat to catch any stray food and protect your flooring!

I really hope you love the new IKEA-compatible EasyMat and our new cutlery. We love to hear your feedback so do drop us a message to let us know how you’re finding our new products!

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