‘Mumtrepreneur’ to pitch baby plate invention on Channel 4’s ‘Buy It Now’

EasyTots’ Managing Director is hoping to secure major retail orders for her weaning invention by appearing on Channel 4’s hit new TV show ‘Buy It Now’.

Helen Davies, a mum of two, will be given just 90 seconds to convince at least one member of the studio audience to buy her baby suction plate and placemat. If she succeeds after the big price reveal, Helen will then present her product to a retail panel in a final bid to secure lucrative bulk orders. The EasyTots owner’s fate will be revealed when episode 24 airs on Channel 4 at 5.30pm on Thursday, 17 May.

“Parents tell us that they love our EasyMat Mini, which is a long-standing best-seller on Amazon UK – topping spots one to six in the baby placemats category, but all bets are off when you go on ‘Buy It Now’; you’re at the mercy of the studio audience!” the ‘mumtrepreneur’ says.

“I practised my pitch for weeks because while EasyTots sells directly to UK customers, we’re also actively looking for a good-fit partner for UK retail sales. A big retail order could be potentially life-changing not only for the future of our business, but for us as a family.

‘Brian Conley, who presents the show, was absolutely lovely and really put me at ease, but as soon as the cameras started rolling, my nerves kicked in big time! I’ll be watching the show through my fingers when it airs!”

As part of her mission to take her products global, Helen is continuing talks with distributors across multiple territories. She is already selling in six European countries and will be returning to Cologne Kind and the Jugend Baby Fair for the second consecutive year this September. Following her recent trip to Hong Kong, the ‘mumtrepreneur’ has signed distributor agreements for Hong Kong and South Korea.

“Waiting to hear our fate on ‘Buy It Now’ was nail-biting!” she admits. “My partner Lloyd and our girls will be welcoming all our friends and family round to our house to watch the show together, but I’m sworn to absolute secrecy until then!”

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