EasyTots’ range of baby weaning cutlery covers all stages from the beginning of your little one’s weaning journey until they master the skill of self-feeding.

The EasyTots small baby fork and spoon set is ideal for younger self-feeding babies from around eight months, featuring a chunky curved design for little hands to grip. Once your baby gets to grips with bringing a spoon or fork to their mouth, our long-handled silicone weaning spoons will help them refine their skills. The soft and bendable silicone makes scooping easy, boosting self-feeding confidence. Our beautiful bamboo-handled spoons, available as a pack of two, are perfect for weaning babies aged 12 months+ who are becoming more experienced in feeding themselves. The wide silicone tip allows for a bigger scoop as your baby’s appetite grows while remaining gentle on tiny teeth and gums.

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  • Children’s Knife Fork and Spoon 2+


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  • Small Baby Fork and Spoon Set


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  • Silicone Weaning Spoons 4 pk


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  • 2 pack bamboo spoons (All Colours)


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