EasyTots 2 Pack Silicone Catch all Bibs with Baby Fork and Spoon

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EasyTots ‘Marbellous’ Suction Bowl

EasyTots 2 Pack Silicone Catch all Bibs with Baby Fork and Spoon

£11.99 £9.99

2 pack super soft, roll-up, catch-all bibs 😍

Waterproof and easy to clean 😍

With cute ergonomic learning cutlery for tiny hands 😍

Small curved fork and spoon to help with first stage cutlery use 😍

Unisex pastel grey and buttercup colours 😍


CATEGORIES: EasyTots Cutlery & Bibs

SUPER VALUE – Our EasyTots bib and cutlery set is amazing value. Our silicone baby and toddler bibs are made from the highest grade LFGB BPA Free Silicone. Plus we include a matching cutlery set  worth £3.99 alone, meaning you just pay £8.00 for you 2 pack of bibs!

UNISEX FASHIONABLE COLOURS- We have carefully chosen colours that look beautiful together and are perfect for bright days (Buttercup) or occasions where you want your baby bib to blend in and not be so noticeable (Cool Grey). The colours also complement our EasyMat baby suction plate range. We think hard about our weaning accessories.

EROGMONIC CUTLERY – Curved to fit tiny hands perfect for little hands. Easy grip design that fits the contours of a baby and toddlers gripping action to encourage easier self-feeding. Also made to fit inside the EasyMat Mini Portable travel suction plate (Optional)

EASYTOTS QUALITY ASSURED – All EasyTots silicone products are made from the highest quality BPA Free EU standard LFGB silicone.  Our bibs have a super soft finish and is gentle to skin around the neck reducing irritation often found with more tough and rigid silicone bibs

MAKE MEALTIMES EASIER– Non-stain silicone, easy wipe clean, handwash or dishwasher safe. Crumb catcher pocket reduces mess by catching dropped food.

Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 3 cm


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