4 Piece Full Complete Weaning Set with EasyMat MiniMax and Bamboo Spoons (All Colours)



4 Piece Full Complete Weaning Set with EasyMat MiniMax and Bamboo Spoons (All Colours)


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 What’s Included…..

  • EasyMat MiniMax open portable suction plate and bowl in one, with lid and carry case and 5 points of suction – for highchairs and travel
  • DinkyCup – Open baby weaning cup. Re-balancing action and extra small size for tiny hands and mouths
  • Suction Bowl – Suction bowl for weaning with raised rim to aid with scooping
  • Two Bamboo Spoons – Great for babies and toddlers that are learning to self-feed



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EasyMat MiniMax : Our strongest suction plate with 5 points of suction, is perfect for highchair feeding and also portable for travel. For everyday feeding and travel. It comes with folding sides, lid, and carry case-making it perfect for meals on the go as well as meals out, picnics, and holidays. Open plate without any dividers for Max space for food. View the full EasyMat MiniMax description HERE

DinkyCup : The brand new unique design sipping cup from EasyTots is here! Designed with so many features to help your baby master open cup sipping from as young as 4 months. Designed with tiny hands and mouths in mind, with a 50ml capacity. Knocks and spills are inevitable but the DinkyCup has a re-balancing, rounded bottom design to help babies put the cup down safely. The cup also has measuring lines so you can monitor how much fluid your little one is taking plus surface grippy dots to the whole cup. View the full DinkyCup description HERE

Suction Bowl : Weaning bowl with raised rim to aid with scooping. Perfect for spoon or self-feeding. Improved suction power. Made from 100% BPA free silicone. See the full description of our suction bowls HERE

Two Bamboo Spoons : These spoons are loved because of their wider tip, this gives a bigger surface area for babies to master self - feeding. Wash by hand and not suitable for dishwashers

 IMPORTANT : Surfaces the EasyMat suckers work well with. Our suction plates work with most smooth surfaces. The Shinier the surface the better the suction! Check this guide below if you're unsure before purchasing.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 8 cm

Sage, Unicorn, Teal, Buttercup, Pearl, Grey, Mauve, Ocean, Pink