Toddler Suction Placemat & Spoon (EasyMat Original)

£17.99 incl VAT

(42 customer reviews)

Toddler Suction Placemat & Spoon (EasyMat Original)

£17.99 incl VAT

(42 customer reviews)
  • For bigger eaters with portion sizes from 6 months to age 4+
  • Best for larger high chair trays and transition to table. Check dimensions below
  • Comes with a matching silicone weaning spoon (also sold separately as a pack of 4)
  • Strong suction prevents whole meals from ending up on the floor
  • Encourages independent self-feeding with less mess
  • Oven safe to 200 degrees (yes you can bake directly in it!)

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About the Product

For bigger portion sizes from 6 months to age 4+. Our EasyMat Original provides a full-size plate and placemat in one with a matching soft silicone weaning spoon. Strong suction prevents whole meals from ending up on the floor and encourages independent self-feeding with less mess. Best for table eating and will also fit some larger high chair trays for full coverage. For example; EasyMat Original fits the Ikea Antilop tray but does overlap slightly. Always check dimensions before you buy.

Our suction plates work with most smooth surfaces. Check this guide below if you're unsure before purchasing

The EasyMat Original compared to its smaller version the EasyMat Mini 

The EasyMat comes with a spoon that is soft and bendable (also sold as a pack of 4) Made from BPA free LFGB silicone

SIZE GUIDE- Length: 38 cm / Width: 27cm / Height: 3cm / Weight: 350g

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 0.4 g
Dimensions 38 × 23 × 3 cm

Blue, Buttercup, Green, Grey, Olive, Pink

42 reviews for Toddler Suction Placemat & Spoon (EasyMat Original)

  1. Tegan

  2. Pamela R.

    Mat was fine as expected, but choice of colours was not. Really didn’t want a grey mat, the lovely bright yellow is so much nicer!


  4. Rebecca S.

    Second child and wish these were out years ago. So easy to clean.

  5. Anonymous

  6. Laura Cunningham

  7. Esme S.

    As above on the antilop review.

  8. Corinne

    Love this. Great suction and lovely colour (pink)

  9. Lauren

    Didn’t realise came with the spoon so this was a pleasant surprise

  10. Christine Collard

  11. Shannon W.

    Amazing amount of space for the little ones with this plate

  12. Louise Herbert

  13. Sheryl

  14. Emma H.

  15. Emma J.

    We’ve had the mini version of this for nearly 2 years and it’s fab. This full size version is even better!

  16. Catherine W.

    Good mat that divides up the food and is easy to clean.

  17. Fiona H.

    Really very clever and have helped our daughter wean her little one!

  18. Kathryn Law

    This is a really good product for older children or babies with bigger appetites. The suction is second to none. It’s amazing.

  19. Valerie H.

    Looks great but not used yet as baby is using the mini.

  20. Jess Taylor

  21. Carol Smith

    Bought these for my grandson, too early for him to use them but I am certain they will be great.

  22. Matthew

  23. Ami

    I love the easy mats. My little girl isn’t throwing her plate or bowl around. All her lunch is on one tray,so she can pick what she wants.

  24. Emma

  25. Kate T.

  26. Gamze

  27. Miss Chelsea L Lawson

  28. Shirley Wiggins

  29. Zainab

  30. Fay

    again love the size, perfect for those with bigger appetites

  31. Aisha

    I have the full size plate and it has been about 1 month now and it’s so good, sticks into place on table and will not move and my daughter enjoys using it for every meal. She will not try to throw her food or plate so i am so glad i came across this brand.

  32. Aisha

    I have the full size mat plate and it is so good my daughter can not lift it off the table and she likes eating from it.
    These easy mat plates are great.

  33. Joanne Goddard

  34. Ash

    So i got this tray for my daughter as she chucks her plate of food and after getting this suction plate mat she has been so good and has been eating so nicely out of it, and loves it. It is easily washable and doesn’t even wear or tear. I will be buying another one for my son as he also likes it and enjoys eating from it.

  35. emma c.

    My daughter is not quite using this tray yet but the spoon is good quality and she enjoys exploring with it

  36. Patricia R.

    Perfect for trips!

  37. Anonymous

  38. Amy Robinson

  39. Kayleigh Smith

  40. Anonymous

  41. Tracey

    I have the full size one and the mini one for on the go. They are absolutely brilliant and wouldnt be without them

  42. Melanie

    I’ve got two of the original size and two of the mini size and have been using them for every meal for almost 18 months now. I couldn’t do without them. Better than anything else I’ve tried. We travel with the mini versions. Genius product.

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