Full Unicorn Collection with EasyMat Mini

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Full Unicorn Collection with EasyMat Mini

Original price was: £48.50.Current price is: £37.50.

Out of stock

Full Collection unicorn weaning bundle to meet your needs, whatever stage of weaning! 

SAVES £8.50 plus FREE SHIPPING !! (than if purchased as individual items)

What’s Included…..

  • EasyMat Mini Unicorn
  • Unicorn Bowl
  • DinkyCup – Small Open Sippy Cup
  • Set of 2 Bamboo Spoons
  • Small Ergonomic Fork and Spoon Set
  • Free Shipping (UK orders only)
(9 customer reviews)

Out of stock

THE FULL COMPLETE UNICORN WEANING SET! A selection of everything you need for weaning all unicorn-inspired gorgeous swirl colours. Each product is entirely unique, just like unicorns are!


EasyMat Mini
We have selected our most favorite products to offer in the unicorn theme. Our Best-selling EasyMat Mini suction tray, which is perfect for highchair feeding and also portable for travel. It comes with folding sides, lid, and carry case-making it perfect for meals on the go as well as meals out, picnics, and holidays. view the full EasyMat Mini description here

Unicorn suction Bowl
Unicorn bowl with suction and a raised edge to help with retaining spills and aiding with scooping along with one of our gorgeous Unicorn spoons.

dinkyCup - small baby open re-balancing cup
Our new release extra-small cup for tiny hands and mouths. Perfect size to start open cup training from as young as 6 months. Re-balancing action, grippy dots, and measurement lines, with 50ml capacity.

2 Pack Bamboo Handle silicone tipped Spoons
pack of our gorgeous spoons with bamboo handle will be included. These wide tip silicone spoons are perfect for learners as it helps with scooping success.

Ergonomic curved starter fork and spoon set
Small curved design to help babies master using cutlery. Perfect first cutlery set

Our suction plates work with most smooth surfaces. Check this guide below if you're unsure before purchasing

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Weight 0.7 g
Dimensions 29 × 30 × 15 cm

9 reviews for Full Unicorn Collection with EasyMat Mini

  1. Kristy Strand (verified owner)

    The only plate/bowl that sticks !! Thank you!

  2. Ashley (verified owner)

    Amazing! If only you done adults I would buy for myself. So easy to clean and I love that the plate comes with a lid

  3. Hala Elkhatib (verified owner)

    The best thing i had for my little girl

  4. Tia P. (verified owner)

    Well I’m going to firstly start of with how jealous I am of my daughters weaning set. I mean, how adorable is the print. I would deffo buy and adults matching set if they were ever to be available.
    Delivery was amazing! Came on time and to the date given – so was really reliable & a friendly service.
    Quality on these products was outstanding. Really soft, Easy grip for my little one & Good long lasting durable quality.
    Customer service was also outstanding – usually you get an automated message back but I actually spoke to someone via my daughter Instagram page and was very happy with the communication between us.

    I don’t have any downfalls on this product. I only wish that I could have one for myself.

    Thankyou very very much,
    Many thanks,
    Autymn-Beau & Tia (Mum)

  5. Samantha

    Best set I have ever had and I have 7 children

  6. DANIELLA A. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this bundle. Everything is so easy to use, my baby can hold the cutlery and cup with ease. I love that the plage and bowls sticks down as a few times my little one has attempted to lift the plate but failed as it was suctioned down. Would highly recommend to anyone starring the wean their baby.

  7. Natalie Moseley (verified owner)

    Such a nice set! So pretty, can’t wait to start using it

  8. ELIZABETH (verified owner)

    Absolutely adore this set , love how it sticks to the high chair and the design is gorgeous. Also the fact I can take it out with me is amazing. The dinky cup is so cute too and my 8 month old daughter is getting used to drinking from it.

  9. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant set; very impressed with the materials, the durability and the looks. The items have been very cleverly thought out. I will be buying more at some point!

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