Portable Open Baby Suction Tray (EasyMat MiniMax)

£16.99 incl VAT

(99 customer reviews)

Portable Open Baby Suction Tray (EasyMat MiniMax)

£16.99 incl VAT

(99 customer reviews)


  • The new open suction plate with unparalled suction to anything else!
  • Strongest 5 points of suction that works amazing on any smooth surface
  • Guaranteed that it is stronger than your baby and toddler
  • Open for maximum space for food & also a portable as lunch box for meals on the go
  • Comes with folding sides, lid, and carry case
  • Encourages independent self-feeding with less mess
  • Ideal for first finger foods and baby-led weaning through to 24 months
  • Universal fit for high chairs and portable for travel
  • Oven safe to 200 degrees (yes you can bake directly in it!)

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About the Product

Our NEW Release EasyMat MiniMax! Designed as an alternative 'open-plate' version of our most loved award-winning weaning essential The EasyMat Mini divided happy face plate. Perfect for at home and feeding on the go. The EasyMat MiniMax has the strongest suction power on the market. We have retained all the winning features of the EasyMat Mini but added an extra strong large central suction base, meaning that even if your baby beats the corner suckers they will not get past the strong central suction. This product helps with getting starting weaning from 6 months right through to age 3. Made to fit most high chairs (check dimensions) and a genius lunch box and plate in one. Please note there is reduced suction capacity on wood and matte / bumpy finishes.

  • Eating out made easy. EasyMat Mini’s award-winning patented design provides a solution for travel feeding
  • Includes lid for easy transportation of food or snacks. Pre-fill with food before you go out and take anywhere with you
  • Strong suction cups and integrated happy face means meals stay put encouraging independent self-feeding
  • Loved by parents taking a baby led weaning approach from the start and for all babies once they reach the self -feed stage
  • Also oven safe - so you can bake directly in it!

Made to fit high chairs and sticks down to all smooth surfaces (check your tray dimensions if unsure)

BPA Free 100% LFGB food grade silicone.

SIZE GUIDE OPEN- Length: 29cm / Width : 17cm / Height: 2cm / Weight : 280g

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 0.3 g
Dimensions 29 × 21 × 4 cm

Blue, Buttercup, Dino, Grey, Lilac, Mauve, Olive, Pearl, Ridge Grey, Teal, Unicorn, Zebra

99 reviews for Portable Open Baby Suction Tray (EasyMat MiniMax)

  1. Lisa Kennedy

  2. Anonymous

    Looks really cute and sticks down so well! Must buy

  3. Anonymous

  4. Natasha Richards

  5. Majella

    Great products & fast shipping. Would recommend. Thank you!

  6. Monique Wright

  7. Chloe Rhodes

    Beautiful colour

  8. Anonymous

    Would have liked this in pink

  9. Celia Staten

    Great, our grandson loves it

  10. Leena

    Great plate that sticks well to the high chair and is easy to carry when away from home

  11. Tegan

  12. Katie-Louise Gee

  13. Katherine

  14. Sammy-Jo

    Great products in so many beautiful designs and colours. Fantastic quality and great price when part of a bundle. The lid and zippy bag are great and we take it everywhere with us!! Wouldn’t be without it!

  15. Mackie Karen

  16. Anonymous

  17. Laura Mcentee

  18. Jennifer F.

    Smaller than I expected but that’s on me I guess for not checking the dimensions. Very good suction and is a much needed second tray to our collection!

  19. Alexandra

    Love the simplicity of the design, it being low to the table means baby can see what he’s doing but the edges means he can scoop food against them which helps when he’s still using his hands to eat. Would highly recommend!

  20. Bridson C.

    Super strong suction. Great open plate. Have the sectioned plate already and love it but wanted one without different sections.

  21. Emma

    Great plate, just like the easymat mini except its not seperate sections. Also comes with a lid and bag which i love

  22. Natasha

    Great size and still hasn’t been pulled off. Love this!

  23. Chris L.

    Great product!

  24. Sheila

    Such a handy plate. Insane suction!!!

  25. Kathleen Talbott

    We have the mini max and mini and they are both brilliant. We have used both at home and on picnics. Strong suction on smooth surfaces.

  26. Rebecca S.

    We’ve just started using this product and the suction pads on it are brillant.

  27. Kirsty C.

    Amazing quality! Amazing product ❤️

  28. Yasmin

    Absolutely love this, and the suction is the strongest!! One issue with it was the that the travel bag was torn at the seam and this mat doesn’t really fit into the other bags we have for the mini mat. But the product is fab I can’t fault it one bit!

  29. Grace W.

    We love our easy tots mini max and mini mats 😊 perfect for blw

  30. Hannah Preston

    The mat is brilliant! The suction is strong and sticks to the high chair perfectly, and the fact that the mat can go in the dishwasher and over is ideal. Item has been bought in anticipation of staring weaning in the new few weeks but baby already loves playing with the mat.

  31. Alannah T.

    Absolutely brilliant plate. We love easy tot products they’re the best we’ve found for suction! My little boy has never got their plates off his highchair! Thankyou x

  32. Lorna

    Excellent suction tray! Great size for for the high chair and amount of food. Would highly recommend.

  33. Ewa B.

    Very good for practising eating liquids

  34. Anonymous

  35. Louise James

    This has been great for breakfast porridge. The suction is amazing.

  36. alice s.

    We love it! Such a lovely plate and colour However our little one manages to pull it off 🙁

  37. Caroline

    The most suction-y suction tray we’ve found!

  38. lucy

  39. Sophie

    Amazing! Throw proof and so pretty!

  40. Caitlyn

    One of our favourites! The suction is unreal – bub cannot move it!

  41. Leanne Rudd

    these are a great size and I absolutely love the suction on this! easy clean and perfect for all meals 🙂

  42. Corinne

    I brought this as part as the 3 for £34. Best mat I’ve got. This is the 5th mat I’ve had and I am so pleased. I ordered on Tuesday and received on Wednesday! Super happy with my purchase

  43. M C.

    Love this, sticks great!

  44. Monika McAuley


  45. Claire

    Really like this new design, it hasn’t been chucked across the room so far!

  46. Lucy S.

    Amazing my son eats so well of this and can’t get it off the highchair

  47. Hannah S.

    Love this plate, we purchased when our 9 month baby started turning his plate upside down and this does the job perfectly. He just can’t lift it up!

  48. Ilaria

  49. Kimberley

    Love this new design of plate. Had the divided plate already which made blw so much easier but wanted a plate/bowl style one for things like porridge and saucy dinners. My little one is only 8 months but she already loves to try and pull the plate off and fling it to the floor – not a possibility with this! The giant sucker on the back is a game changer. I feel confident that she wont ever be able to get it off, even when shes a bit bigger. Really easy to keep clean and the lid and pouch for easy transport is so useful. Great design, well executed.

  50. Andrea B.

    These plates are absolutely fantastic! Well worth the money. I have 2 of them and will be purchasing more as they are the only plates my little boy cannot pull off his tray. The spoon and fork sets are really easy for my boy to hold too. Will be purchasing the set next with the bowl and some more fork sets. Wouldn’t recommend anything different. 5 stars all the way

  51. Alysha Whitehouse

    We loved the original but prefer the open mat even more!

  52. Tendo Smith

    Portable and handy. Baby can still pull it up though!

  53. Shauna R.

    This one sticks to my wooden table .. wish I had ordered 3 of these 🙈

  54. Anna

    This is the 2nd mat I have ordered for my little one.. they are great I absolutely love them

  55. Leanne F.

    The 5 point suction is great it stays put. Easy to clean and store. Love the fact it has a lid so you can take it with you all ready packed up.

  56. Bonnie Andrews

    Amazing. Someone got the smaller version as a Christmas present for my baby and I love it so I have now bought the larger version. Great suction as he always used the pull off any other suction plates. Once you buy one you will be back for more.

  57. Hayley

    Not even my hulk baby can get this plate off!

  58. Rachael Cummins

    Very happy with product. Doesn’t quite fit on our highchair however cause of the multiple suction cups it still stays in place.

  59. Leighann

    Best weaning plate ever! Finally something that actually stay stuck! No more Frisbee plates, hooray!

  60. Clare

    Fantastic plate. Perfect for our little one

  61. Emma Jones

    Fantastic. Have tried lots of different suction plates and none actually work. This one is brilliant! Little one cant move it at all, so secure on his high chair.

  62. Emma H.

  63. Yaping W.

    It was great although the wrong colour arrived instead.

  64. Kelly

    Best suction plate there is

  65. Catherine W.

    Great mat that my child cannot pull off.

  66. Jaye

    Great! My little one can’t pull it off the tray!

  67. Lucy G.

  68. Bethan Hudson

    Brilliant. The perfect size, suctions great. Love the travel pouch.

  69. Helen Hughes

  70. Megan Smith

  71. Nikki McCafferty

    I love the bowl but had hoped it would stick to my table cover better. I can feel how strong the suction is though when I put it on the worktop. Just need to find a better solution for my table.

  72. Valerie H.

    These are so easy to use, stick to tray mat so no more bowls on the floor and easy to clean and store.

  73. Victoria

    Perfect for a very strong baby! Most bowls/plates don’t stick to the high chair we’ve got but this is fab! We have both this and the section plate and our 1yo can’t get them off, as hard as she tries!

  74. Louise

    I have a very strong toddler and this is the only plate that so far has stood up to him pulling and trying to throw his dinner on the floor. I am very impressed!

  75. Beverley Vaughan

    Very well made very happy with them

  76. Anonymous

    Another faultless product. Really pleased with this plate/bowl. It doesn’t budge, and the sides are the perfect hight for my 1 year old to scoop against. Add to that I can put it in the dishwasher and it has a lid what more could I want!

  77. Sarah

    Really strong suction – it’s not going anywhere!

  78. Anonymous

    Great product, I already have the easy mat mini but upgraded to this open plate which is great.
    Easy to clean, great suction, handy to take out and about and highly recommended.

  79. Emily

    Very pleased with the new product. The suction is brilliant and the larger plate area is really handy. We also have 2 of the mini mats and we love those too! They are also really easy to clean.

  80. Laura J.

    Great product.

  81. Anonymous

    We have the easy tots mini and now the minimax – they are without a doubt the best weaning plates/ bowls I have ever bought! Both of my children have been unable to remove from the highchair tray… they fit a good amount of food in… perfect for BLW… they are portable with lid.. they go in the dishwasher (and even the oven) and they don’t stain AT ALL. I honestly could not recommend these products any more highly.

  82. Linda A.

    Liked the original but much prefer this new open plate. Makes meal times far less stressful with the five point suction (it’s not going anywhere). Easy to use and clean…we also have two of these now

  83. Chloe J.

    Amazing quality, my daughter has never been able to get it unstuck! Fits a nice sized portion in it to! Would recommend to anyone! 🙂

  84. V Miller

    Chose the 5 point bowl and bought for friends too. This is a great mat (we already have the mini with compartments) My daughter tugs and pulls at it when she starts to get restless at the end of her meal and if she does get one suction corner off the others hold on well or you have warning to get there before she might get other corners off. We only have the mini mats and use on our IKEA high chair or out and about and truly makes meal times enjoyable for all. Most of the time she has given up on attempting to pull them off now because she doesn’t succeed!

  85. Lauren Owen

    I love this new minimax plate. It’s nice to have a larger area for foods such as porridge, spaghetti bolognese etc. Highly recommend.

  86. Rachel

    Lovely design, and my toddler can’t get it off. The dish size is great, good for cereals, curries & even picky plate dishes. Really love it

  87. Anonymous

    Love it! I don’t feel like I need to put different things in different section because this design is one big space! The extra suction is also fantastic as my daughter has worked out how to get suction bowls and plates of her high chair, this however, does not budge 😁

  88. Fern P.

    Fantastic quality as expected

  89. Natalie

    This is literally a must have product!!
    I purchased this for my 9 month old as we are BLW and it’s been a god send!! My toddler daughter has even requested one too!
    Definitely worth every penny!!

  90. Kirsty P.

    Very happy with this product, I had already purchased the mini mat and so it was an easy decision to buy another product from EasyTots. The new minimax is perfect for babies learning to use their own cutlery.

  91. Anonymous

    This is the 2nd mini easy mat we have bought. We were really pleased with the first one that has dividers (bought 4 years ago for our eldest daughter) and are equally as pleased with the quality of this easy mat too. It is going to be put to great use!

  92. Anonymous

    It’s brilliant, my daughter who is 1 and a half throws her plates on the floor and I spent ages looking for a plate that she couldn’t pull off. Have tried lots of different ones and she cannot get this off. In fact she has actually just got bored of trying ❤️ Definitely worth the money and I would purchase again and recommend.☺️

  93. Paige

    Love the new design and it’s so much easier for my daughter to feed herself with more room to get her hands in!m the bigger plate. Bonus is she can’t pull it away from the tray either, brilliant! Thank you so much x

  94. Siobhan

  95. Laura

    This is a fab size and so easy to clean! Can’t wait until we’re allowed out again so we can try it on the move!

  96. Rebecca L.

    Great suction with the 5 suction points. Works as a bowl and plate. We love that we can take it with us when we go out to family or restaurants.

  97. Matthew

  98. Emma B.

    Perfect size for my nearly 2 year old! Love that it can go in the oven and it is so easy to clean! Love this product!

  99. Helen Hunter

    Amazing products

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