Silicone Weaning Spoons 2 pk


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Silicone Weaning Spoons 2 pk


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  • Award-winning soft bendable silicone spoons set
  • Helps babies to master scooping their own food with less frustration
  • Soft on gums and easy long handle grip
  • 2 neutral pastel colour set (colours may vary)
  • Do Not Microwave
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Out of stock

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Award-winning spoons that really help your baby get to grips with feeding themselves. With a nice long chunky handle for easy grip.

The Spoon tips are soft and flexible, the benefit of this is that they can bend around plate and bowl edges, increasing the success at loading food.

Grown-ups will love these too! These spoons are great for yogurt!

Our Silicone spoons are also available as a part of a set with the EasyMat Original Suction Placemat.

BPA Free LFGB silicone EU standard

Here's our little guide to EasyTots' baby cutlery;

As your little one grows and develops their fine motor skills you may want to start introducing a spoon or some type of smooth fork to begin the learning process of how to eat food using cutlery

Our baby learner fork and spoon set is a great starting point. The short, chunky handle is great for little hands to get a good grip. The ergonomic curve helps with navigation to mouth as it leads the way around. oh, and did you know...they are also small enough to fit inside our popular portable plate the EasyMat Mini for easy transportation for meals out.

Our 4 pack of long handle soft silicone spoons are great for a little further down the line as the skills of your little one start to develop. The bendable soft tip to this spoon helps to load food easier. Its curves around the corners to help with mastering the scoop in no time.  Watch as your baby's confidence with self-feeding grows.

And finally, our fabulous bamboo spoons are great for growing appetites! The wide silicone tip of the bamboo spoons allows for a bigger scoop at mealtimes, reducing frustration as your little one tries new, exciting flavours.

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Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 2 cm

22 reviews for Silicone Weaning Spoons 2 pk

  1. Victoria Earle (verified owner)

    Soft spoons. Great size for little mouths.

  2. Daisy P. (verified owner)

    Loves these spoons. LG finds them easy to use

  3. rachel leaver (verified owner)

    Great soft spoons, a little bit too big for my 9 month olds mouth, be great when he’s bit bigger

  4. Naomi (verified owner)

  5. Pamela (verified owner)

    lovely and soft

  6. Wendy Adnitt (verified owner)

  7. Donna (verified owner)

  8. Clare (verified owner)

    Lovely spoons for our little one to practice using herself

  9. Melissa (verified owner)

    My son absolutely loves these nice and soft

  10. Sophie (verified owner)

    Would highly recommend

  11. Louise Herbert (verified owner)

  12. Hayley (verified owner)

  13. Leanne F. (verified owner)

    Lovely and soft for babies. Easy to clean.

  14. Ekaterina Brooker (verified owner)

  15. Kristin (verified owner)

  16. Shauna R. (verified owner)

    Love these.. so soft and thick handle when baby self feeds

  17. Latoya C. (verified owner)

    We love everything silicone & these are just the perfect size for baby

  18. Christine Collard (verified owner)


  19. Hannah S. (verified owner)

    Spoon head is a bit on the large side at the moment (9 month baby), but these spoons are nice to look at and baby likes to chew them and cam use them regardless. He’s learnt to feed himself loaded spoonfuls with them.

  20. Sharon May (verified owner)

    Nice size and soft to handle would purchase again wouksve just lijed the unicorn colour to match the minimat

  21. Sophie (verified owner)

    Perfect spoons for little mouths 🙂

  22. Caroline (verified owner)

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