Small Baby Fork and Spoon Set

£3.99 incl VAT

Small Baby Fork and Spoon Set

£3.99 incl VAT

  • Small ergonomic curved mini fork and spoon set, Ideal for first learning stages with cutlery
  • Fits small hands perfectly making it easier to navigate
  • Curved design perfect for tiny hands
  • Designed to fit inside the EasyMat Mini Portable suction plate for travel if required
  • BPA Free Material PP / TTP
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Small ergonomic curved mini fork and spoon set. Ideal for first learning.

The curvature is designed to fit comfortably in your baby's right hand. If you think your baby prefers to use their left hand check out our ambidextrous spoons Here 

Fits small hands perfectly making it easier to navigate. The short design makes it less complicated to reach the mouth, leading to better success and less frustration.

Designed to fit inside the EasyMat Mini Portable suction plate for travel if required.

BPA Free Material PP / TTP

Here's our little guide to EasyTots' baby cutlery;

As your little one grows and develops their fine motor skills you may want to start introducing a spoon or some type of smooth fork to begin the learning process of how to eat food using cutlery

Our baby learner fork and spoon set is a great starting point. The short, chunky handle is great for little hands to get a good grip. The ergonomic curve helps with navigation to mouth as it leads the way around. oh, and did you know...they are also small enough to fit inside our popular portable plate the EasyMat Mini for easy transportation for meals out.

Our 4 pack of long handle soft silicone spoons are great for a little further down the line as the skills of your little one start to develop. The bendable soft tip to this spoon helps to load food easier. Its curves around the corners to help with mastering the scoop in no time.  Watch as your baby's confidence with self-feeding grows.

And finally, our fabulous bamboo spoons are great for growing appetites! The wide silicone tip of the bamboo spoons allows for a bigger scoop at mealtimes, reducing frustration as your little one tries new, exciting flavours.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1.5 cm

Buttercup, Dino, Mauve, Unicorn, Zebra

224 reviews for Small Baby Fork and Spoon Set

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Ashleigh B. (verified owner)

    Day 3 of baby led weaning and my 7 month old used the spoon like she had used one all her life! Perfect size for her and a very nice colour

  3. Kayleigh Smith (verified owner)

  4. Patricia R. (verified owner)

    Perfect to teach my daughter how to use it

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My son has been able to feed himself with this cutlery set with days of getting it. It’s great.

  6. Nicola (verified owner)

    Right size for little hands

  7. Lyndsey Rudd (verified owner)

  8. Lindsey (verified owner)

    Nice size for little hands. Only criticism would be that its less easy to use for littles that prefer to use their left hand

  9. Julia (verified owner)

  10. Marzia Di Girolamo (verified owner)

  11. Samantha (verified owner)

  12. Louise B. (verified owner)

  13. Sharon M. (verified owner)

    Can’t fault them cute well packaged small for tiny hands love the shape just wish they’d been rainbow colour to match the bowl and mat I purchased but can’t complain as was a free gift and much appreciated.

  14. Ashley (verified owner)

    Not tried out yet but. Great quality and can’t wait to see my little girl use them

  15. Simona M. (verified owner)

    We love them, thank you x

  16. Emma V. (verified owner)

    The spoon is good, easy to hold, but a shame that it only comes in a right handed version. The fork isn’t much use as it doesn’t spear food very well.

  17. Debbie (verified owner)

    Not really used these as I have cutlery already and baby doesn’t really use it yet

  18. Debbie Shaw (verified owner)

  19. Katie H. (verified owner)

    This cutlery is really easy for my daughter to hold.

  20. Lisa (verified owner)

  21. Taylor M. (verified owner)

    Perfect for those little ones, my son loves them thank you

  22. Rosie (verified owner)

  23. Robert D. (verified owner)

  24. Paige (verified owner)

    My daughter is still trying to get use to how to use a fork and spoon. But still a very good product.

  25. Shannon (verified owner)

  26. Sarah (verified owner)

  27. Alison (verified owner)

    Yet to use them but they seem really good and arrived quickly.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  29. Sharon Murphy (verified owner)

    Really helps my granddaughter to be independent at meal times. ?

  30. Gamze (verified owner)

  31. Victoria M. (verified owner)

    Working progress for my daughter, they are lovely and lightweight. The angle is different to most other cutlery but may help us start to use cutlery

  32. Sophie (verified owner)

  33. Rachel (verified owner)

  34. Kate T. (verified owner)

    My daughter loves them, very simple and easy for her to use. Easy to clean

  35. Liane (verified owner)

  36. Jenny P. (verified owner)

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  38. Josie (verified owner)

    Haven’t used yet but they look perfect!

  39. Catriona S. (verified owner)

    Quality product Perfect

  40. Sarah (verified owner)

  41. David (verified owner)

  42. Yasmin (verified owner)

    Definitely helping my toddler try to feed herself with cutlery!

  43. Chloe (verified owner)

    Super handy for little hands. I can’t wait to see my LG try them out.

  44. jade smith (verified owner)

    Weve not yet used this but baby has had a hand and he was able to hold them in his grasp and tage them towards his mouth

  45. Jo Haveron (verified owner)

  46. Michelle Paterson (verified owner)

    Great product with multiple uses and adequate size for a baby / toddlers meal or snacks and portable too! Arrived in ample time from placing order.
    These will be recommended to family and friends in the future. Thank you x

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

  48. Becky C. (verified owner)

  49. Ewa B. (verified owner)

    Very good quality

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

  51. Dawn (verified owner)

    These are great, my 16 month old can feed herself a lot easier with these.

  52. Ami (verified owner)

  53. Margaret H. (verified owner)

    Good little spoon and fork, excellent to use for travelling

  54. Emma B. (verified owner)

    Perfect shape for my daughter. She has a set at home and a set at my parents!

  55. Matthew (verified owner)

    Very comfortable for my little one to hold. The shape really helps with eating.

  56. Rebecca L. (verified owner)

    Shape means it’s easy for our little boy to hold.

  57. Laura (verified owner)

    These are great and my baby girl loves them, however I just wish they weren’t both right handed as my girl likes to have one in each hand and is particularly favouring her left at the moment.

  58. Siobhan (verified owner)

  59. Beth Marshall (verified owner)

    Good for baby to Hold

  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lightweight cutlery with a slight angle to them which will make it an easy first set to introduce.

  61. Carol Smith (verified owner)

    Bought these for my grandson, too early for him to use them but I am certain they will be great.

  62. Rachel (verified owner)

  63. V Miller (verified owner)

    My now 12 month daughter loves the spoon. Very light and easy to handle. She can feed herself with it. Definitely recommend a try. Subsequently bought a set for my friends son!

  64. Chloe J. (verified owner)

    My daughter loves these and manages to use them well herself

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

  66. Jess Taylor (verified owner)

  67. Emily (verified owner)

    My daughter loves using these to feed herself.

  68. Laura B. (verified owner)

  69. Anna (verified owner)

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

  71. Sarah (verified owner)

    Perfect length and size but as a left handed person it’s a shame you can’t select the direction of curve (as with all cutlery like this I’ve come across)

  72. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really liked the look of these, love the colour and the length. However now we’ve got them it’s become really apparent that my baby prefers to eat with her left hand and as such these don’t work for her like I’d hoped

  73. Carly (verified owner)

    We didn’t end up getting these because I think they were out of stock

  74. Ambar McCarthy (verified owner)

  75. Valerie H. (verified owner)

    We got 2 spoons so not quite as expected but they look good although not yet used them

  76. Kathryn Law (verified owner)

    High quality cutlery set for promoting self feeding.

  77. Megan Smith (verified owner)

  78. HELEN (verified owner)

    Didn’t get the spoon and fork set as sold out but they sent me 2 spoons as a replacement they were free as there was an offer on very pleased with them they are very soft

  79. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Didn’t receive this was substituted for 2 spoons but the spoons are good

  80. Helen Hughes (verified owner)

  81. Bethan Hudson (verified owner)

    We didn’t receive this product as stocks were low, but instead received some flexible weaning spoons which we actually love and I’m glad we got as a replacement.

  82. Lucy G. (verified owner)

    I didn’t recieved this product I recieved 2 silicone spoons

  83. Gemma C. (verified owner)

  84. Jaye (verified owner)

  85. Amy Jones (verified owner)

    Fantastic product – my 12 month old had really got the hang of putting food in his mouth but was struggling with a regular weaning spoon. This set, with the unique curve has helped massively and he’s now become a pro at it!

  86. Pamela (verified owner)

    Perfect size for little hands

  87. Emma J. (verified owner)

  88. Emma H. (verified owner)

  89. Emma Jones (verified owner)

  90. Leighann (verified owner)

    Slightly to big for my 10month old mouth but good grip so he will get plenty of use.

  91. Anonymous (verified owner)

  92. Bonnie Andrews (verified owner)

    Really handy

  93. Shannon W. (verified owner)

  94. Alysha Whitehouse (verified owner)

  95. Lucy S. (verified owner)

  96. Leanne Rudd (verified owner)

    love the cutlery, its so easy for my baby to hold.

  97. Caitlyn (verified owner)

    Our favourite baby spoon – perfect size and shape. It would be great if a left handed version was available.

  98. lucy (verified owner)

  99. alice s. (verified owner)

    Fab! Good product and easy to use 🙂

  100. Louise James (verified owner)

    My little one loves this cutlery set. It’s the perfect size for little hands and enables her to independently feed herself.

  101. Esme S. (verified owner)

    Great – my little one loves these, the curve in them really helps her find her mouth!

  102. Ewa B. (verified owner)

    They are perfect for practising.

  103. Lorna (verified owner)

    Nice size cutlery, the handles are a bit long for a young baby if they stick them in their mouth, but a good shape and easy for them to use.

  104. Chloe (verified owner)

    Really good for encouraging self feeding with cutlery. My son seems to be finding them a little bit more tricky as he picks everything up with his left handed and they seem to be tailored to hold in your right hand.

  105. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good shape spoon and fork for new weaners.

  106. Yasmin (verified owner)

    Got these as a free gift when I used a discount code and will be ordering more! My little girl gets on so well with these. The handles have rubber grips on them so they’re non slip and they’re the perfect size, plus the curve really helps her get the food to her mouth easier

  107. Kirsty C. (verified owner)

    Perfect for little hands

  108. Swati (verified owner)

    My boy likes to eat with the spoon (it’s now his favourite) and I like it too. I like the slightly curved design….very clever.

  109. Victoria A. (verified owner)

  110. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good quality, baby enjoys using them.

  111. Rebecca S. (verified owner)

    Lovely little cutlery, easy for my little boy to hold as we’re starting our weaning journey.

  112. Nicola Meager (verified owner)

  113. Nicola Camfield (verified owner)

    My boy loves them easy for him to hold and use!

  114. Amber D. (verified owner)

    He can hold them well although still learning, lovely set

  115. Kathleen Talbott (verified owner)

    The curved shape makes it easy during feeding especially that my baby doesn’t want mama to interfere.

  116. Sheila (verified owner)

    Great product for a freebie!

  117. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great cutlery, this is our third set, baby gets on so well with them we have them at home, in his bag and at grandparents 🙂

  118. susan H. (verified owner)

    Great meal time set! The tray stays put! I love the fact that a meal can be made up on the tray, the lid put on and it can be taken out. We used it when our for lunch this week and was fab!

  119. Sophie Hardy (verified owner)

    Love them

  120. Jodie T. (verified owner)

    This are super cute, light weight and so easy for my little one to hold ideal for beginners using cutlery

  121. Victoria (verified owner)

    Great size and shape for LO

  122. Erica (verified owner)

  123. Emma (verified owner)

  124. Jess C. (verified owner)

    Handy size, perfect for little hands. Lovely and bright, perfect to go with the unicorn set.

  125. Jess (verified owner)

  126. Leena (verified owner)

    The shape and size of the cutlery really helps my little one’s fine motor skills when weaning

  127. Anonymous (verified owner)

  128. Julie Simpson (verified owner)

    So cute and easy to use

  129. Elisha (verified owner)

    Fab product. Ordered several times from EasyTots and I can’t recommend enough!

  130. Angela B. (verified owner)

    Lovely and light weight. Great for little hands.

  131. Amanda (verified owner)

    Spoons are ideal shape for little hands to manoeuvre food to their mouth.

  132. Ashley Moran (verified owner)

  133. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Baby loves these.
    Would have liked colours to match plates (I have an old pink set and new purple set)

  134. Chloe Rhodes (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong

  135. Rebecca F. (verified owner)

    Really nice, yet to use but i think the shape will be really helpful for baby to learn to use utensils.

  136. Emma C. (verified owner)

    Got these as a freebie in the Unicorn pattern. Ready for when we begin weaning.

  137. Anonymous (verified owner)

  138. Debbie T. (verified owner)

    Cute design, lightweight for babies hands. Our baby is too young at the moment but again we encourage baby to hold on to spoon handle, to practice grip. Will review again in future when baby is older

  139. Majella (verified owner)

    Great products & fast shipping. Would recommend. Thank you!

  140. Carole West (verified owner)

  141. Anonymous (verified owner)

  142. Stephanie (verified owner)

  143. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My little girl loves the spoon

  144. Lisa Kennedy (verified owner)

    My sons find these easy to use, I love that they’re angled to help guide them to their mouths. Just the right size for practicing self feeding.

  145. Samantha S. (verified owner)

  146. Karly Harvey (verified owner)

  147. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Brilliant for little hands for weaning

  148. Leah Irwin (verified owner)

  149. Suzanne (verified owner)

  150. Kimberley I. (verified owner)

  151. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Lovley colourful set, the curved fork and spoon help alot with coordination.

  152. Anonymous (verified owner)

  153. Joanne (verified owner)

    Our son has developmental delays & has sruggled with his motor skills which include eating. He is deperate to try himself, when I saw this cutlery set with the size & shape is perfect for him to aid his learning to self feed. Very happy with product, great quality too.

  154. Anonymous (verified owner)

  155. Kasey Hall (verified owner)

    Not used yet but looks great

  156. DANIELLA A. (verified owner)

    Perfect for my little one to hold with ease.

  157. Anna (verified owner)

  158. Amanda Jenkins (verified owner)

    These are perfect for little hands with a beveked edge making it easier for baby’s to feed themselves !

  159. Anonymous (verified owner)


  160. Sofia A. (verified owner)

  161. Emma W. (verified owner)

  162. Crystal Keating (verified owner)

  163. SANDRA (verified owner)

    Good for small hands. Great for practice

  164. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought these for my granddaughter but haven’t seen her yet . But the products look fantastic and just loving them .

  165. Emily Richardson (verified owner)

  166. Victoria Herbert (verified owner)

    Great for tiny hands

  167. Hayley L. (verified owner)

    Perfect size for my 10 month old to use to feed herself. Great for teething too!

  168. Claire (verified owner)

    Love these although my little one likes to chew on the handle end most of the time

  169. Geraldine M. (verified owner)

    Great design and high quality. I’ve bought them in preparation for my baby’s self feeding

  170. Emma W. (verified owner)

  171. Donna Jones (verified owner)

  172. Charlotte Boddy (verified owner)

  173. Kayleigh (verified owner)

    Perfect size & design for baby to feed themselves. Would recommend

  174. Mayte . (verified owner)

  175. Sara (verified owner)

    Great communication, service and fast delivery and fantastic products!

  176. Victoria Bestwick (verified owner)

  177. april b. (verified owner)

  178. Anonymous (verified owner)

  179. Jenny (verified owner)

    I was a bit sceptical when these arrived as currently my little one only seems to manage the very soft spoons and they looked big but the shape on these seem to be really easy for her. Definitely a thumbs up and my new ‘go to spoon’ I can’t comment on the folk as not used that yet.

  180. Naomi Barlow (verified owner)

  181. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the size and shape of this cutlery!

  182. Emily (verified owner)

    Very cute and complimentary gift which is our first cutlery set. The colour is vibrant and easy to find in our cutlery drawer! The grip is good and not too slippery for my little one to hold.

  183. Perri (verified owner)

    Perfect size

  184. Esme Rose (verified owner)

  185. Sumaiyah (verified owner)

    Not used yet but looks good

  186. Cherise Abraham (verified owner)

    This fork and spoon set was smaller than I expected, but it’s curved shape made it easier for my daughter to transfer food from her plate to her mouth.

  187. Lucy (verified owner)

  188. Prashna Syan (verified owner)

  189. Anonymous (verified owner)

  190. Quetzalia Gomez (verified owner)

    A bit hard for my baby as he likes biting them so I feel they could be softer but I think they will be very useful when he gets a bit older as he is only 7 months old

  191. Anonymous (verified owner)

  192. Gill (verified owner)

  193. Samantha . (verified owner)

    My son likes this too.

  194. Heather Zavadak-Wyche (verified owner)

  195. Katie Lowdon (verified owner)

  196. Amelia H. (verified owner)

    Great design, my little one can grab them easily.

  197. Sharon (verified owner)

    Right angle for eating independently

  198. liz . (verified owner)

    These are the perfect size for my 6 month

  199. Wendy Jenkins (verified owner)

    Good quality products. Perfect for small hands

  200. Jessica (verified owner)

  201. Miss Holmes (verified owner)

    Excellent design and stylish it

  202. Emma B. (verified owner)

  203. Rebecca (verified owner)

  204. Anonymous (verified owner)

  205. gillian r. (verified owner)

  206. Leanne (verified owner)

    Cute small set

  207. Charlotte Boddy (verified owner)

  208. Jemma (verified owner)

    Great cutlery for weaning, my 6 month old can I independently hold and use.

  209. Anonymous (verified owner)

  210. Misha O. (verified owner)

  211. Georgina King (verified owner)

    My baby loves holding the spoon

  212. Simon (verified owner)

    They feel nice and the bend should help my baby use them himself when he is a bit older.

  213. Gemma C. (verified owner)

  214. Davies Bet (verified owner)

    Brilliant products

  215. Sarah (verified owner)

  216. Sharni T. (verified owner)

    My baby can now feed himself! at 10 months old! all thanks to these little magic wands!

  217. Connie Wray (verified owner)

  218. Montana (verified owner)

  219. Lou A. (verified owner)

  220. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was expecting it to be a bit bigger

  221. Lauren C. (verified owner)

    Brilliant can’t wait to use these with my little man

  222. Louise C. (verified owner)

    Lovely product. Would recommend.

  223. Bryony Parker (verified owner)

    Super handy cutlery which my son finds easy to hold and use

  224. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect size for little hands abd lovely design

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