Buy Any 3 EasyMats For £36.00 (Only £12.00 Each – 25% off)

£36.00 incl VAT

(20 customer reviews)

Buy Any 3 EasyMats For £36.00 (Only £12.00 Each – 25% off)

£36.00 incl VAT

(20 customer reviews)

Multi-buy Value EasyMat Suction Plate Bundle. Perfect for multiples or to ensure you have everything you need! What’s Included…..

  • Choose ANY 3 EasyMat Suction Plates (3 styles to choose from) Compare EasyMat styles HERE)
  • Choose from; EasyMat Mini Portable Suction Tray with carry case and lid, perfect for everyday high chair feeding and on the go
  • Choose from; EasyMat MiniMax Open Portable Suction Tray with carry case and lid, with strongest 5 points of suction
  • Choose from; EasyMat Original for bigger portion sizes and comes with a matching weaning
  • Choose from; EasyMat Perfect Fit designed specifically as a made to measure fit for the Ikea Antilop
  • Free Shipping (UK orders only)
  • Best value for your lifetime weaning needs (Saves £15)

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About the Product

This bundle is just such great value! EasyTots has your weaning journey covered with our 3 EasyMat Weaning bundle! A weaning product kit which is money-saving! Have twins or triplets? Then this deal is perfect for you! Buy any 3 for just £36.00 (£12.50 each - 25% off). Always have a spare EasyMat free to use or maybe you want to pass one on to the grandparents? These will also make perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones. This 3 for 2 offer EasyTots bundle will get you fully set up with everything you need from start to finish. Simply select any two of our EasyMat suction plates (prices normally £15.99 -£16.99 plus shipping)

Our Suction Mat Choices; 

The EasyMat Mini - Our best-selling and award-winning portable suction tray. Made to fit highchairs and also comes with folding sides, sealed lid, and carry case. This plate is a weaning must-have product. Loved by parents around the world as it's the only solution that is both a suction plate for everyday feeding at home but also as a lunch box for meals out. View the EasyMat Mini HERE

The EasyMat MiniMax - Our 2021 NEW RELEASE! This new mat has the strongest suction due to its 5 suckers. The mat features all the same great features as the EasyMat Mini but now offered as an open plate version with further suction power. The plate is deep set and is also suitbale to use as a bowl. View the EasyMat MiniMax Portable Open Baby Suction Tray (5 Points of Suction!)HERE

The EasyMat Perfect Fit for Ikea Antilop - The best choice if you are one of the millions of people who have the Ikea Antilop High Chair. We love this high chair so much that we made a 'perfect fit' design for it! Our mat is made to measure the antilop tray exactly,  leaving no gap for tiny fingers, super portion sizes and superb suction. Making clean up a doddle! Portion sizes are the same as the EasyMat Original. View the EasyMat Perfect Fit HERE

The EasyMat Original - Our Full Size Placemat wkith intergrated divided plate. Larger portion sizes suitable fo up to age 4+. Comes with a soft matching weaning spoon. Best for transition to table. View the EasyMat Original Here Toddler Suction Placemat & Spoon (EasyMat Original)HERE

Our suction plates work with most smooth surfaces. Check this guide below if you're unsure before purchasing.

Size guide comparison 

Compare our EasyMat plate range for dimensions and details here

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 1.3 g
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm

20 reviews for Buy Any 3 EasyMats For £36.00 (Only £12.00 Each - 25% off)

  1. Alexandra

    I love these mats, they rinse well, go through the dishwasher and microwave and don’t get chucked off the highchair. I prefer the solid colours as I worry the patterned ones could be confusing for my little one to see where the food is but the new range of colours means I had plenty of choices.

  2. Sheila

    Great value. All three mats amazing!

  3. Yasmin

    Bought one mini mat to begin with and loved it so much I ordered three more! Great value as part of the bundle and the quality is amazing, the suction is so strong and my little girl (9months) is loving being able to feed herself.

  4. Anonymous

    Great deal to get multiple mats. I can always have one available when the others are in the dishwasher.

  5. lucy

    Such fantastic plates. They are amazing to use at home or take out in the little bag with protective cover. My son can’t pull them off, no matter how hard he tries. These are the best baby plates I’ve bought

  6. M C.

    Love this! They stick great!

  7. Monika McAuley

    Very happy with the mats, good quality and very good value. Work really well 🙂

  8. Christine Collard

    Very pleased

  9. Shauna R.

    Great offer

  10. Leanne F.

    Very good value and good selection to choice from

  11. Monika

    Finally found a plate little man cannot get off 😊

  12. Emma H.

    Absolutely amazing products. Definitely recommend.

  13. Fiona H.

    These are great, just ideal for both home and travel and have made weaning so much easier. I’d really recommend them to anyone with a young child.

  14. Valerie H.

    Great value for money

  15. V Miller

    The bundle is of great value. Chose the 5 point bowl and bought for friends too. This is a great mat (we already have the mini with compartments) My daughter tugs and pulls at it when she starts to get restless at the end of her meal and if she does get one suction corner off the others hold on well or you have warning to get there before she might get other corners off. We only have the mini mats and use on our IKEA high chair or out and about and truly makes meal times enjoyable for all. Most of the time she has given up on attempting to pull them off now because she doesn’t succeed!

  16. Carol Smith

    Bought these for my grandson, too early for him to use them but I am certain they will be great.

  17. Matthew

    Durable, easy to clean and most importantly my son cannot lift the off the tray.

  18. Francesca

    Absolutely amazing customer service! Great product, sticks very well to my high chair, cleans easily and my little girl loves it! Thank you very much.

  19. Anonymous

  20. Heledd

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