Fathers Day is a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of being a Dad. Whether it’s your first or your fifth Fathers Day as a couple, there are loads of ways to make this day special.

Having a little one around can make it harder to spend some quality time together but it’s important to stop, relax and share this day together.

Here are some handy tips to help you and your partner celebrate with maximum love and minimal stress.

1. Share the workload – As with any other day, remember to take turns and help each other out. Life is so much easier when you work together -don’t forget you’re a team!

2. Get some alone time – Allow yourselves to spend some time together without the stresses of the little ones in your life. Set aside some adult time, even if it’s just a morning or evening while your baby sleeps. As parents, it’s easy to get distracted so take a walk, watch a movie or make dinner together and focus on each other.

3. Show some appreciation – Fathers Day is the perfect opportunity to make your partner feel special. We often take our loved ones for granted so take some time out of the day to write down or tell him everything you’re grateful for. If you’re not one with words, make a family video that he can watch over and over again.

4. Relax! Being a parent can be chaotic and stressful, especially when you have younger children. Take off the pressure and cancel any unnecessary chores for the day.

5. No pressure – Take off the pressure of having the ‘perfect’ Fathers Day. You don’t have to spend money on extravagant gifts or go anywhere fancy to appreciate this special day. Simply relaxing and spending some quality time together is more than enough for a celebration to remember.

From all of us at EasyTots, we wish all the parents out there a very happy Fathers Day!

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