What Type of Plate/Bowl for Weaning is the Best?

Bowls, plates and trays 

Whether you have had a quick look online or headed to your nearest supermarket, the huge selection of weaning bowls, plates, and trays can be a little overwhelming to say the least. When it comes to choosing plates or bowls for your baby, the three safest materials are food-grade silicone, stainless steel, and bamboo. Once you have chosen your material, you then need to decide what type of plate or bowl to go for. The most common weaning plate designs are: 

Open plates  

Open plates are exactly what they sound like, plates that are open and separation-free. These are good for first finger foods and also for baby-led weaning as there is plenty of space to include a variety of foods. You can also use open plates to serve up smaller portions of your own meals to your baby. View our EasyMat MiniMax open plate HERE

Divided plates   

Divided plates feature built-in separators that help parents to offer small servings of a wide variety of foods. You can add pureed foods to one section and sliced-up whole foods to another. This is also good for fussy toddlers who like to keep their snacks separate. View our EasyMat Mini divided plate HERE

Suction plates and bowls  

If you want to cut down on mess, then suction plates can be a lifesaver. These work by keeping the plate or bowl in question firmly stuck to the table or highchair tray. Suction plates and bowls are a great idea if you want to encourage independent feeding but are worried about the mess. Compare our suction plates HERE

Is it worth getting weaning cutlery? 

If you are tempted to go without weaning cutlery, you should know that learning to use utensils such as spoons and forks is a key part of your baby’s development. Experts recommend that you start to introduce utensils between 10-12 months or sooner if your baby starts to show an interest in your cutlery.  

  • A spoon is the first piece of weaning cutlery that you should introduce to your baby as this is the easiest one to use. A fork can then be introduced at around 15 months when your baby’s fine motor skills have started to develop more.  
  • Weaning cutlery can help your baby to improve their coordination skills, as well as help them to gain confidence in feeding themselves.  
  • View our cutlery HERE

What age should I use a weaning plate? 

The NHS recommends that you start the weaning process when your baby is six months old, and you can introduce a weaning plate from their first solid food experience. The beauty of using a weaning plate is that it can be beneficial to both your baby and you as a parent. For your baby, a weaning plate allows them to enjoy the eating experience in the same way that you do. They will see you eating from a plate and want to do the same. Weaning plates are also available in a wide range of bright colours, which can make eating more exciting for them and can also help with their overall development. For you as a parent, weaning plates often come with a suction feature on the bottom, which stops your baby from tipping their plate on the floor. This is a particularly attractive option for parents who struggle with the idea of mess when it comes to weaning.  

Do suction weaning bowls make any difference? 

Suction bowls are a great idea for the early days of weaning as they help your baby learn how to feed themselves while simultaneously minimising any mess. When choosing a suction bowl for your baby or toddler, there are several aspects that you need to look for: 

  • Material. Silicone is the best material for any items of cutlery for your baby as it is food-grade, BPA-free, and non-toxic. It is also heat-resistant and long-lasting.  
  • Colour. Although this may not seem important, babies love fun, bright colours, so pick a colourful design or bold colour such as red or green.  
  • Budget. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good quality weaning bowl that will last for the whole of your baby’s weaning journey.  

You can view our silicone suction bowls HERE

How many baby plates and bowls do I need?  

If you have decided to make your own baby food or you are planning to try baby-led weaning, then you will need some baby-sized bowls and plates. Choosing to buy a quality weaning plate that will last you for the whole of your weaning journey will be beneficial and save you money in the long run.

If you know that you often don’t have time to wash up, then you may want to invest in a few more bowls and plates, as well as spoons and forks, so that you have spare ones to hand when you need them.  

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